Иконка 15 лет на
рынке туризма
Иконка 1 500 000
Иконка Более 330
Иконка В 87 городах


I'd like to know details!


    All information you can get from your manager:

    Kseniya Kolesnik

    Viber/phone: +38 (097) 151 00 59

    Tour details for foreigners 

    The price is: 150 USD/person

    The departure from/to Kiev by bus

    The price includes:

    —          Travel by tourist bus along the whole route.

    —          All entrance tickets for the program and permits for visiting facilities- technical support (dosimetric control);

    —          Submission and execution of permits

    —          Insurance

    Additional payments:

    —          Transfer from/to Airport – from 30 USD one way per car Dosimeter rental — $ 10

    —          Dosimeter rental — $ 10

    —          Friendly lunch of pre-tested dosimeter food (extra pay 10 USD).


    Gathering the group and the beginning of the journey at 07:45-08:00 Departure to Chernobyl from Kiev

    08:00-10:00 Transfer from Kyiv to Chernobyl zone. Meeting with the attendant in the thirty-kilometer zone at the «Dityatki» checkpoint. Verification of documents, vehicles and things.              

    Short study course of behavior in a radiation-hazardous area and the use of protective equipment during a tour to Chernobyl. Today, if you do not follow all the rules, the level of radiation exposure during a trip is approximately equal to the amount of radiation that a person receives during X-ray.               The photo-stop near the monument to «People who saved the world» — the brave firefighters of Chernobyl.               You will visit the office of the state agency «Chernobyl Interinform». Here you will receive the most complete and accessible information about the work at the elimination of the consequences of the disaster in the thirty-kilometer zone, about the most dangerous places, cemeteries of equipment. The forecasts of specialists for the future will also be interesting.               The trip to the ten-kilometer zone through the checkpoint «Lelev». You will be struck by neat earthen ramparts along the sides of the road, dotted with signs with a red trefoil in a yellow triangle. These ramparts are the burial sites of radioactive waste and even whole villages.              

    Photo-stop near the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power station. You will stay near the main «closed» object of the zone! Here you will feel how Goosebumps will run about the skin! 

    Excursion to Pripyat — «ghost town». You will see the city of 50 thousand people who left this place forever within 24 hours. Everywhere you will feel the spirit of Soviet time reigns around: you can take a picture of the emblem of Ukrainian SSR and the USSR, the inscriptions “Peace. Work. May”, red-yellow phone booths and other objects symbolizing the time of 80s in USSR. In the meantime, the nature takes its toll: trees sprout through the remains of the pavement, birds nest on the balconies.

    You will visit the amusement park with a Ferris wheel, it was planned to open for the holiday of May 1, 1986, which was never destined to see visitors. All photos and articles cannot convey the atmosphere inside you are dipping. Emotionally it makes the strong impression that remains in memory forever.

    The Excursion to Chernobyl ends on the dosimetric control at the exit from the zone.

    17:00-19:00-Transfer to Kiev or airport.

    On the request, you can order the environmentally friendly lunch of pre-tested dosimeter food (extra pay 10 USD).  
    You can order the tour to Chernobyl on the date which convenient for you. It is possible in almost any language (no less than 2 weeks before the planned trip date).

    For taking an excursion to Chernobyl, you must provide the information: FULL NAME; passport number and series; Date of Birth; citizenship.


    Only persons over 18 years old can participate in the orientation tour.

    Citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus are not allowed into the zone.

    The administration of the Chernobyl zone reserves the right to cancel the tour at any time for security reasons or for other reasons.

    I'd like to know details!

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