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I was looking for local Ukranian tour agency , but could only find global tour companies, like Expedia. I wanted to talk to someone personally. My friend in Kiev searched trough Ukrainian internet browser and came across with Ukranian tour agency „Poehali s nami” located in Kiev. I sent email, which was listed on the website, ( since I was in USA and then in Austria, communication via email was most convenient for me) but I didn’t get any response. Which was not a good sign. Then I decided to call, at least to try one more time. And to my luck I talked to Oksana Kolesnik , with whom was very easy to communicate, and most importantly in english!!
We switched to Viber and was making all adjustments to the plans with tours in Odessa and Ukraine. I was astonished how professionally quickly her responds were! I value that the communication is the most important in any type of relationship or business!
She was very detailed but specific and in her correspondence! She treated us like we were in the top of her priority list! Even though I knew she was very busy!
During the trip she would confirm the arrival of the tour guides and made sure that we enjoyed our trip in full!
If anyone would like to travel to Ukraine, I would highly recommend her as a tour coordinator! And even would give her a reference if she decide to move on to any other large company as a director of communication!!

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